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What happened to Alphabet's Nest Labs?
Mar 21, 2017
2 minutes read

I purchased Google WiFi to replace 3 WiFi networks at home and realized Nest wasn’t accommodating at all:

The simplest fix for most Nest products is to update your home network so that the network name (SSID) and password are the same as before. This will usually work even if you’ve purchased a new Wi-Fi router as long as the manufacturer settings are the same.

The only way to put your Nest Protects on the new network is to change the SSID and password of the new network to match the old, or to remove them from your account then re-pair them to the new network.

I was able to easily change the WiFi network and password for all of the devices in my home except for the Nest smoke alarms. Unfortunately, I have 6! To change their WiFi settings, I have to remove all devices from my Nest account using the app, physically remove 6 smoke alarms from the ceiling, and re-add all 6 devices back to my account following the initial installation procedure.

Google Wifi

Unfortunately Google Wifi calls out reusing your old password for convenience:

If you reuse a network name and password from an old router, you won’t have to reconnect devices that were previously on the network.

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