Busy, busy, and busy

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve accepted a position with ASPSOFT and have been extremely busy since March. I’m hard at work on a new community site for .NET development that should ease coding for multiple versions of .NET as well as the transition to new versions (such as .NET 2.0/Visual Studio 2005).

Halo 2 was depressing yesterday

“Games against similarly skilled opponents and with similarly skilled teammates tend to be the most fun.” – Bungie
I disagree with that statement. I find that games against slightly less skilled opponents are the most fun. On Wednesday, I had some great scores and my level went from 4 to 5 after the first game on Saturday. Then I started to play against opponents whose level was between 5 and 10! It was really bad, and my level went back to 4. How depressing.

Not just another year

I’ve finally gotten around to writing my first entry for the New Year. I’ve got many things planned for this website as well as some freeware and commercial apps coming later this year. For example, typereference.com will contain the most comprehensive class library documentation for .NET as well as showcase my new commercial web platform, currently in alpha. I also plan to go to a “professional software developer’s conference” – finally! More importantly, a little surprise is on the way: