Just saw the latest episode of Heroes: The Company Man:

Not only is this best episode of Heroes yet, it’s officially the best TV show, ever. Watch the full series premiere for free, or, get the entire season pass on iTunes.

3 comments on “Heroes

  1. I think you are getting carried away with the “best show…” but Heroes is getting good. I can’t wait until tonight to see what the setup is for the finally (which is next week).

    Doesn’t it suck that you have to TiVo either Heroes and watch 24 or vice versa? (or if you have the dual TiVo tuner than you are set)

  2. It’s the best show ! I don’t have the problem with 24 since I started watching it very, very late – I’m in the middle of ing season 3.

    I do have a dual-tuner Media Center, currently running Vista, which I’m upgrading to Windows XP 2005 Media Center Edition.

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