Vista RC1 shutdown notification

The shutdown notifications need additional work in Windows Vista RC1:

  1. Run cmd.exe with administrative privileges

  2. Run the following command:
    shutdown /s /t 600

  3. Abort the shutdown with this command:
    shutdown /a

Notification of an aborted system shutdown in Beta 2 had a strange title:
You are about to be logged off. The scheduled shutdown has been cancelled.

Luckily, Microsoft has enhanced the title in RC1, but there is still room for improvement:
Logoff is cancelled. The scheduled shutdown has been cancelled.

One comment on “Vista RC1 shutdown notification

  1. In the final version of Vista, the shutdown notification is back to a non-closeable window & the aborted shutdown notification is the same as above. It’s a little confusing since the title says “logoff is canceled” while the details say the “shutdown was canceled”.

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