Camera metadata

I received a lot of JPEG images taken by multiple cameras at my daughter’s birthday party. My first thought was to import them in to Aperture as a birthday album. Unfortunately, these images contained incorrect capture dates preventing me from organized them in chronological order.

Digital cameras have a clock and store the capture date and time as metadata in the JPEG image. The clock must be set correctly for images from multiple sources to be organized in the order in which they were taken.

To have all of the pictures of the birthday party together in chronological order, I had to:

  • Separate all pictures taken by a specific camera by folder

  • Perform the following for each folder:

    • Estimate the date and time of one of the pictures taken

    • Use jhead, a EXIF command-line utility, David found to fix the metadata

      • Use the –da switch to specify the actual and recorded date and time

      • Execute for all JPEG images (*.JPG)

    • Import the pictures in to Aperture.
    • Compare the pictures to others with the correct date and time.
    • If the images don’t line up correctly, delete them, and start over again with a better estimate.

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