Not going to the PDC

PDC 2000 .NET CDsI’ve always wanted to go to the PDC, i’ve just never been in the position to go. For example, for the 2000 Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC), I was an undergraduate student at the University of Central Florida working as a professor’s assistant, making just enough money to pay the bills. I visited the Orlando Convention Center on the last day of the PDC and picked up the first public release of .NET and Visual Studio .NET on four CDs. It was great! I was able to teach myself .NET and c# from the Tech Preview CDs and MSDN online. It was then that I realized how important the PDC was to software developers.

I had a scheduling problem with the 2003 PDC – you could imagine my surprise when I found out it conflicted with my honeymoon. I realized that I had to push my employer (for two years) to budget for training for the next PDC. My work paid off – In January of 2005, my supervisor informed me that I was going to the PDC. Unfortunately, in May, I accepted a position with another company.

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  1. I am one of the few ones who know how much you have wanted to go to a PDC. You have been so close, in two occasions! I hope and wish you could be a choosen one, it will indeed do good to your current and future involvement with Microsoft technologies. You got my vote, if that makes any difference. Good luck!

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