Windows SharePoint Services RSS (WSS-RSS)

SharePoint RSS/ATOM reader

Microsoft SharePoint RSS feed rendered by the DataViewWebPart with the help of WSS-RSS

XSL converts RSS to a native Windows SharePoint Services DataViewWebPart DWP file.

  • No binaries, installation or server configuration necessary.
  • Supports RSS versions 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, 1.0, and 2.0.
  • Supports the Atom Syndication Format 0.3.
  • Supports Microsoft’s Channel Definition Format.
  • Html output is similar to the links list summary view.
  • Title, Description, and DetailLink come from the RSS channel element.
  • RSS 2.0’s time to live attribute or RSS 1.0’s syndication module are used to determine cache time for the webpart.
  • Please email me any suggestions/bugs/fixes.
  • Absolutely free: MIT License.

Known issues:

  • Does not support feeds requiring authentication.
  • Sometimes doesn’t support feeds containing accents.

The service has moved to, but it’s currently down. I’m looking for replacement hosting.

37 comments on “Windows SharePoint Services RSS (WSS-RSS)

  1. This is by far the most useful RSS tool I have seen to date. Any way it can be packaged up so that rss dwp creation can happen natively on a wss site? Even if not this is awesome! Thanks!!!!

  2. George, your webpart generator seems to be great!, but I get an error in my portal. It shows me the title and link but not the items. The error says “Error al procesar los datos de esta solicitud.” (In english:error procesing data query) I think it may be the language (spanish) or the proxy server, that require authentification. Can you tell me anything about?

    A lot of thanks

  3. This seems to be a common problem. You can configure proxy servers in .NET 1.1 in web.config and machine.config, but not with authentication. Click for a workaround.

  4. I love this tool! Would you mind adding a bullet option to launch in a new window? This could either appear within the web part modification area (ideal), or on this site when the dwp is created; or both! Many thanks in advance.

  5. Hi again…any chance the new window enhancement will be implemented? It’s a fantastic tool otherwise.

  6. Thanks for the RSS WebPart. I would really like to see the date the item was added to the RSS feed. That must be there somewhere because other RSS clients display it.

    I suspect that if I realy knew something about XLST, I could add it, but I don’t.


  7. Great Web part. Noticed that when I open a page that contains RSS feeds generated with your web part in MS FrontPage 2003 for some advanced editing, the bullet image that precedes the RSS link is then broken. Do you have any work arounds?

  8. Thanks for your email reply, George. Having these articles open up in a new window would be ideal. This one is even better than the SmilingGoat reader because it doesn’t force you to display the source heading link. As soon as you get a chance to implement this tiny enhancement, I’ll have the perfect wss rss reader! Thanks again in advance.

  9. Thats absolutely fantastic!!!!!!! Now my Sharepoint home page looks like I want it to.

    Enough Respect!

  10. Man, you ROCK. That is such a cool thing. I’ve got SharePoint running to administer a development effort, and having an RSS feed of “cases closed in the last 7 days” coming from our bug tracker appearing on the SharePoint front page is EXCELLENT. Thank you!

  11. Hey George,
    I used your site for many conversions and loved it, but now when I go look for the site it seems to be down. Is there an issue with the site or is it just temporarily down? I hope it will be available soon! Thank you.

  12. Would love to have SharePointRSS online again. It is an extremely useful tool I've used successfully many times in the past. I haven't found anything else out there that is web-based and can perform the same function. I hope you can bring it back online soon but, if not, thank you for the service you have provided so many of us!

  13. Hi George,

    we are still using WSS 2.0 and we'd really appreciate your RSS/ATOM reader. Please, can you share download link for a while or e-mail it to me.

    Thank you very much for your prompt answer,

  14. Please George,

    is there any chance to download your RSS/ATOM reader for WSS 2.0? Please, we'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks a lot for your response,

  15. Don't laugh, but am working on a SharePoint 2003 site and would love to have this RSS Feed Reader available…but can't find this anywhere. All the links are either dead or have been bought up by spam factories that bombard my browser.

    Help! Is this still available somewhere?!?

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