Halo 2 was depressing yesterday

“Games against similarly skilled opponents and with similarly skilled teammates tend to be the most fun.” – Bungie

I disagree with that statement. I find that games against slightly less skilled opponents are the most fun. On Wednesday, I had some great scores and my level went from 4 to 5 after the first game on Saturday. Then I started to play against opponents whose level was between 5 and 10! It was really bad, and my level went back to 4. How depressing.

One comment on “Halo 2 was depressing yesterday

  1. Halo 2 type of games are quite different from the one I am playing (ToonTown). On TT it is better if the people playing with you are your same level or higher. Of course, on TT you do not fight against your mates, but against the evil cogs. That’s the main difference, among others.

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